9 maja 2016 świętem książki dla dzieci w ASP w Katowicach!

The 5th edition of A well designed book – let's start with children, just like the previous ones, combined several events: a competition for the best design of a book for the youngest readers, a scientific conference devoted to the issue of their design and numerous exhibitions.

This edition of the event was co-financed by the Katowice City Hall, was taken patronage by the Book Institute, Polish IBBY Section, Silesian Library, STGU and InSea Poland, and organised in cooperation with Format, Wytwórnia i Znak publishing houses. 


The results if the 5th edition of the Competition A well designed book – let's start with children

On 21 April 2016 the Competition Jury composed of:
Krystyna Lipka-Sztarbałło (Warsaw) – chairwoman of the Jury
Izabella Kaluta (Instytut Książki, Kraków)
Magda Kłos-Podsiadło (Wytwórnia Publishing House, Warsaw)
Dorota Hartwich (Format Publishing House, Wrocław)
Aneta Satława (Silesian Library, Katowice)
Ewa Kokot (Insea Poland, Katowice) 


awarded the following prizes:


Piotr Kowalczyk – Silence


Ya-Ling Huang – See you later AligatorThe day after yesterday 


Anna Trzpil – Hansel and Gretel



Zofia Frankowska – Witek's Hat i Exclamation mark!


Nico Tracey – Fee-Fi-Fo-Fionn, Fionn & The Salmon of Knowledge


Aleksandra Zaborska – Tymek beats me!



Alicja Kupniewska – Why do many nice animals behave so strangely?


Paulina Michalska – Strange creatures


Rurańska Dobrosława – Znajdka



Dobrosława Rurańska – Znajdka

Aleksandra Sklorz – Nevoeiro


Jacek Ambrożewski –  Ja, Ołówek

Piotr Kowalczyk – Cisza


Sarah Finan – The Bench

Marta Grabowska – Three happy hunters


Maja Lulek – Cardboard box 

Aleksandra Sklorz – Nevoeiro


In this edition of the Competition, 3 independent groups – the Competition Jury, the Children's Jury and the Publishers' Jury – chose 63 works of 52 authors for the post-competition exhibition.

The list of participants in the exhibition:



The Competition Regulations (and other participation documents) can be found in the attachment below the page. 

Deliberations of the 5th edition Competition Jury.


9th May 2016 / 9:15 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Cinema Room, the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, ul. Raciborska 50
free entry

Invited speakers: Iwona Chmielewska (illustrator), Dominika Czerniak i Mateusz Kokot (The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań), Magdalena Kłos-Podsiadło (curator of the Tu czy tam exhibition, Wytwórnia Publishing House editor), Karolina Kornek (The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), Grażka Lange i Monika Hanulak (The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna (The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław), Magdalena Wosik (The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław). 



9:15 A celebratory opening


9:30 Illustration – free artistic expression or reliable design process?

Karolina Kornek

Passionate and mainly involved in illustration, graphics and designing books for children, also uses experience in these fields in creative work with children at her own workshops (Imaginarium and Akademia 5+). Her most important achievements include the main prize in the 1st edition of A well designed book – let's start with children competition or awards from publishers Hokus Pokus, Znak and Czerwony Konik. Participant of numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions, including: Grafik der Kunstakademie Katowice at the Galerie Alfred Merkelbach in Düsseldorf (Germany), Once upon a time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk (Belarus), Book ovules at the Gallery of the New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIĘ in Krakow, Attention! Bulldozers! Young Polish Illustration at the Aspekt Gallery in Warsaw, the exhibition of the Polish stand of the Book Institute at the International Book Fair for Children and Youth in Bologna (Italy) or, since 2008, the annual Salon of Illustrators at the Poznańskie Spotkania Targowe. A graduate of the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts, currently professionally associated with the Illustration Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, lives and works in Krakow.


10:00 Child's play?

Magdalena Wosik

Born in Wrocław. A graduate of graphics at the State College of Fine Arts in Wrocław (now the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts). She works at the Book Studio in the Graphic Design Department of her home university. For the last few years, she has been focusing on satirical drawings, posters and illustrations for children. For several years, she cooperated with Wrocław press titles as a cartoonist. As an author of texts and illustrations, she was also associated with the biweekly Miś. Currently, she draws for permanent headings in the children's biweekly Świerszczyk. Together with Piotr Rychl, they invented and illustrated two anti-coloring books for the publishing house Bajka: Oh! I you! Dragon in a tie! and Agencja z o.o. – the first of them was awarded in the Comma and Dot competiton for the Best Children's Book 2011. For Wrocław's Ossolineum, she drew Pan Tadeusz in pictures – an attempt to capture the epic in a comic form. She illustrated several books for young people, including the The Witch from the floor below and Marcin Szczygielski's Butterfly Farm (Bajka), four parts of the adventure series Bzik and Makówka (Nasza Księgarnia). Her latest – author's book – is entitled Exercise Your Eyes! hidden pictures (Nasza Księgarnia).


10:30 We know others, we praise ours. Promotion of a Polish picture book abroad...

Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna

Art historian and critic, PhD in the field of art sciences. Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Eugeniusz Geppert in Wrocław, head of the Department of the History of Art and Philosophy. She cooperates with the Illustration Biennale in Bratislava, the Croatian Illustration Biennale, the City Gallery in Wrocław, the Baltic Sea Culture Center in Gdańsk, the Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow and other cultural institutions. Member of the Polish Section of IBBY. Chairwoman of the jury of the Polish Book of the Year competition in the graphics section. She is a jury member of the nationwide Good Pages competition in Wrocław and the international Picture Story Quadiennial in Riga (Latvia). Author of the book Illustration Station: Polish book illustration 1950–1980. Artistic creations and implementations (Wrocław 2008) and numerous articles published in Quart, Format, Discourse, Librarian's Guide, Rita Baum, Ryms and others.


11:00 The illustration must dance! - the need for a fourth dimension in illustration design.

Mateusz Kokot

Assistant in the Studio of Publishing Illustration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2005-2015. He conducts research and explores graphic design in the area of new media. Author of graphic design, infographics and identification for regional television. Since 2015, he has been the head of the Kinetic Graphics Studio at the University of Arts in Poznań.


11:30 Małe PIWo – about the Studio of Publishing Illustration in a nutshell.

Dominika Czerniak

Assistant at the Editorial Illustration Studio of the University of Arts in Poznań, PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and a student of ethnology and cultural anthropology at the same university. An instrumentalist musician by education, post-graduate teacher. Illustrates, posts, writes, teaches.


12:00 coffee break


12:30 Cool books 

Grażka Lange; Monika Hanulak

Grażka Lange – runs the Illustration Studio at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Designs books, in total over 80 (for which she often received awards: many times the Most Beautiful Book of the Year and IBBY Book of the Year, entry on the Andersen Honorary List, a special prize in 2008 PTWK for outstanding achievements in the field of book art, in 2010 the Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis). she lectures, gives workshops and presentations of Polish illustrated books. She is the owner of a large collection of polish books for children from the 60s and 70s, but also books from around the world. He is addicted to reading books. As you can easily see, the word book often repeats in her biography declined by all cases.

Monika Hanulak – asystentka Grażki Lange w Pracowni Ilustracji ASP w Warszawie. Zajmuje się rysunkiem, ilustracją, projektowaniem książek. Autorka m.in. opracowania graficznego i ilustracji do książek Kic‑kic kontra generał Gąsienica we współpracy z Grażką Lange (Endo 2004), Smonia (Wytwórnia 2006), C’etait un crocodile... Petite histoire de l’evolution (Lirabelle, Francja 2007), Tuwim. Wiersze dla dzieci (Wytwórnia 2007), Debata filozoficzna Królika z Dudkiem o Sprawiedliwości do tekstu Leszka Kołakowskiego (Muchomor 2009), Pampilio do tekstu Ireny Tuwim (Wytwórnia 2010), Boucles d’Or et les deux ours do tekstu Zidrou (Rouergue, Francja 2012), Kern (Wytwórnia 2015), Co słychać do tekstu Anny Czerwińskiej‑Rydel. Laureatka wielu prestiżowych nagród w kraju i za granicą.


13:00 Tu czy tam? O wystawie współczesnej polskiej ilustracji dla dzieci w Zachęcie – komentarz kuratorki.

Magda Kłos-Podsiadło

Wydawczyni, współzałożycielka, redaktorka prowadząca w Wytwórni. Promotorka grafików i ilustratorów polskich, których wydane w Wytwórni książki zdobywają największe krajowe i międzynarodowe nagrody. Zasiadła w jury konkursu dla ilustratorów Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, prowadziła warsztaty dla ilustratorów na zaproszenie Itabashi Art Museum w Tokio. Kuratorka wystawy dla dzieci Tu czy tam? Współczesna polska ilustracja dla dzieci pokazywanej do 8 maja w warszawskiej Zachęcie.


13:30 Między pokorą a pychą – o dylematach autorki.

Iwona Chmielewska

Autorka, miłośniczka i kolekcjonerka książek obrazkowych, które nazywa obrazowymi bo są przeznaczone dla ludzi w każdym wieku, nie tylko dla dzieci. Za swoje książki otrzymała wiele nagród, z których najważniejsze to Złote Jabłko BIB w Bratysławie i dwukrotnie nagroda główna Bologna Ragazzi Award. Jej książki ukazują się w Azji (Korea Południowa, Chiny, Japonia), Europie i w Ameryce Południowej.


14:00 Zakończenie

The winners of the awarded works were announced during the opening ceremony of the post-competition exhibition and the exhibition of the Masters of Illustration series – presenting the works of Iwona Chmielewska – on 9 May, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. at the Roundabout Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.


Galeria +, Galeria Rondo Sztuki, im. Gen Jerzego Ziętka 1
Czas trwania wystawy: 9 maja – 9 czerwca 2016

Katalog towarzyszący wystawie można znaleźć w załączniku.

MAGAZYN OGÓLNEGO PRZEZNACZENIA – wystawa Iwony Chmielewskiej
kurator: Wojciech Luchowski
Galeria 0, Galeria Rondo Sztuki, im. Gen Jerzego Ziętka 1
WERNISAŻ godz. 17:00
Czas trwania wystawy: 9 maja – 9 czerwca 2016

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