Drawing Studio II

The studio has as many faces as there are students. Drawing is primary form of expression, often the first indication of unique and personal features of the artist. Students at the studio can express themselves in any aesthetic convention and technique. Including the issue of colour allows the use and absorption of other experiences. Students in the years 2-5 possess sufficient skill to start searching for their own mode of expression. The studio proposes the classic arrangement: model and still life, but students can choose between what is external and what is internal/personal, looking for inspiration in the studio or within themselves. The option of working outside the studio further increases the number of possibilities by individual efforts. There is always a lot of talk around each work allowing to capture the intentions and choose the right way, so that the media are adequate to the abilities and sensibilities of the student. The curriculum is individualised and created “on the go”, where artistic quality is a constant factor. Even when we are met with a proposal that goes beyond traditional aesthetic criteria, the quality of the message and of the subject remain constant.

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