Tuition fees

 Inclusive Design: Health and Social Well-Being

PLN 28,000 per year

 Designing Reading Experience and Interactive Storytelling

PLN 36,500 per year


Foreign students who are exempt from tuition fees:

  • nationals of the Member States of the European Union, of the Swiss Confederation, or the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area – and members of their families, if residing in Poland;
  • non-nationals who have a permanent residence permit or a European Union long-term residence permit;
  • non-nationals who have a temporary residence permit pursuant to the circumstances referred to in Article 159(1)[1] or Article 186(1)(3) or (4)[2] of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners;
  • non-nationals who hold refugee status as granted by the Republic of Poland or who have been granted temporary protection or subsidiary protection in Poland;
  • non-nationals who are holders of the Polish language certificate (at least level C1) issued by the state commission for Polish language certification;
  • holders of Polish Charter (Karta Polaka) or persons whose Polish origin has been recognized by an administrative decision;
  • non-nationals who are a spouse, descendant or ascendant of a Polish citizen if residing in Poland.

[1]Article 159, section 1: a temporary residence permit granted for the purposes of family reunification

[2] Article 186, section 1, subsection 3 or 4: temporary residence permit granted to a foreigner who:
(3)holds a long-term resident's EU residence permit granted by another European Union Member State, and:
(a)intends to be employed or self-employed in the territory of the Republic of Poland under the laws applicable in this regard in this territory, or
(b)intends to undertake or continue studies or vocational training in the territory of the Republic of Poland, or
(c)proves that there are other grounds for his/her residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland, or
(4)is a family member of a foreigner referred to in subparagraph 3, with whom he/she resided in the territory of another European Union Member State and accompanies him/her or is seeking to reunite with him/her.

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