The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice has been an independent state institution of higher education since 2001.

Its history, however, is much longer and more complex: the school was founded as a branch of a Wrocław institution, and later for nearly 50 years functioned as part of Poland’s oldest art university – the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.
Most importantly, during the school’s growth we have successfully preserved its intimate atmosphere, developed a student-focused style of education, and defined art and design as the major areas of research.
Currently the AFA has 600 students and 100 teachers.

1947 – The Ministry of Culture creates a branch of the Wrocław State School of Fine Arts in Katowice.

1952 – The school in Katowice becomes the 2nd Faculty of Propaganda Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

1957-2001 – The school keeps changing its name and status (department, faculty, branch) but remains an independent unit within the structure of AFA in Kraków.

1 Sept 2001 – On the initiative of the Katowice professors, with the approval of their colleagues in Kraków, the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice is founded.

2007 – The school develops its infrastructure by acquiring the 4600 sq.-metre building at 17 Koszarowa street (former military barracks) and completing the renovation of the building at 37 Raciborska street (former officers’ mess).

2007 – The Academy’s gallery, Rondo Sztuki, is opened next to Spodek in the city centre.

1 Sept 2008 – The Academy undergoes structural changes, its Faculty of Graphic Art, Painting and Design replaced by two faculties: Faculty of Art comprising the Department of Painting and Department of Graphic Art, and Faculty of Design comprising the Department of Graphic Design and Department of Design.

2015 – AFA Campus, the biggest project in the school’s history, is completed. A new building is constructed between the buildings in 37 Raciborska st. and 17 Koszarowa st., housing 153 rooms, including a moving image and sound lab, painting and drawing studios, two cutting-edge modelling studios, an open-access library, cinema, restaurant and art shop.

2017 – The Ministry of Science and Higher Education announces the results of the evaluation of the scientific activities of academic units. Our Faculty of Art is ranked A, and Faculty of Design A+. No other art school in Poland has been ranked so high.

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