Poster Design Studio

The studio provides a graduate course for Graphic Design field of study and an optional course for Painting, Graphic Art, and Industrial Design.
Poster is commissioned art. A precisely delineated subject is a creative challenge that opens new areas of perception. The variety of subjects influences the development of artistic form. Poster is an intelligent game, intellectual adventure, refined visual art created from many elements. It educates and amuses both the author and the viewer. From its beginnings until today it has reflected styles, movements and trends in art. It is a formal synthesis of a message, the time and place of its creation, and the personality of the author.
A good poster has an interesting life. It is the effect of a specific commission, it can express a variety of themes – social, ideological, cultural, or commercial. It is an outdoor art, but it does not end there. Afterwards it goes to competitions, galleries and museums. It is bought and collected as an object of admiration, reflection and amusement. Poster design influences other forms of artistic expression.
Work in class includes: discussing tasks assigned by teachers or proposed by students, brainstorming, sketches and preliminary designs, followed by arriving at the final form, printing and public presentation of the poster. Students and graduates participate in competitions and exhibitions in Poland and worldwide.

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