Painting Studio I

The studio curriculum is based on a balance between two elements – the expectations and fascinations of enrolled students and a calendar worked out during long years of the studio’s history. Student expectations are different each year, which in turn is reflected in the changing character of the end of year exhibition. The schedule of the four years’ study at the studio is the following: the initial three semesters are a time of freedom for the student, when lack of consequence is not considered a fault and dedication to creating a finished work is secondary to exploration of possibilities. In the third year mid-term a review of all material created so far takes place, including in other courses, and important issues are discussed. The next three semesters is a period for a concretization of ideas and concepts, as well as perfecting the grasp of the medium. The final two semesters are devoted to the diploma project. The studio treats all media equally, allowing the creation of painting, objects, video art and installations. The program of the studio emphasizes creation of reality and searching for new ways of artistic expression.

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