International Studio Visiting Professor

The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice offers its students classes in an interdisciplinary International Studio, at the Faculty of Design and at the Faculty of Art.
We invite visiting professors in Art & Design (including but not limited to design, graphic design, painting and printmaking) to deliver a one-semester course in the International Studio at the Faculty of Design in the academic year 2019/2020 (summer semester).

The course should be delivered in English and consist of min. 60 hours per semester, with 6 hours of classes per week (6 hours once a week or 3 hours twice a week). Other forms of classes arrangement may be considered (e. g. intensive modules), however offers with 6 hours of classes per week are preferred.

The visiting professor does not have to be an academic staff member in any higher education institution. He/she may be a distinguished expert in his/her field. He/she will be supported by a member of the AFA academic staff.
The course content and learning outcomes will be agreed with AFA to ensure they comply with the Academy’s curriculum. On completing the one-semester course the students should obtain grades and ECTS credits.

It is important for us that the proposed programme should be interdisciplinary to include students from our Faculty of Design (design, graphic design) and also from the Faculty of Art (painting, printmaking).

Remuneration: PLN350/hour (ca EUR90 /hour).

The Academy can offer on-campus accommodation free of charge and will cover the costs of return travel between the professor’s place of residence and the campus (before the beginning of the course and after its completion).

Applicants should send the following documents to by 20 May 2019:
-    Short bio (if you are a university employee, please specify your home institution)
-    Portfolio (a web link or pdf file is acceptable).
All submitted offers will be considered by a selection committee, which will assess the relevance of the proposed programmes to the 2019/20 curriculum. Interdisciplinarity will be one of the main criteria.

International Studio in 2018/19:
Winter semester - Simeon Featherstone
Summer semester - Martin Newth


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