The Faculty of Design has 64 rooms with a total area of 3391.90 m², in which there are:

  • Modelling laboratory with an area of 374 m2, equipped with advanced prototyping equipment allowing for versatile processing of materials used both in the process of initial modelling and in the implementation of exhibition models and prototypes. CAD/CAM Solid Works software is used, enabling the use of CNC machines and 3D printers. Set of available machines and tools enables the treatment of wood and wood-based materials, metals, finishing models with varnish surface, processing of plastics, making thermoforming moulds, castings and finished details from aluminium alloys. There are machines available that enable sewing of both light and heavy materials such as leather, and computer embroidery;

  • Moving Image and Interaction Lab (LORI), home to the latest equipment and technologies of digital image recording, creation and interaction in the field of multimedia, film and the broadly understood visual culture. The LORI is equipped with MoCAP (Motion Capture) system designed for reading of the actor's movement in infrared by means of a virtual suit. The system also allows embedding the actor in a virtual space or in an interactive environment. Greenbox located in the laboratory as well as its dedicated technology allow the actor to be “embedded” in the film post-production process. Real-time control of one's work is possible thanks to virtual studio technology and the best keying system in 4K. The studio equipment includes also devices for image recording, creating interactive installations, mapping, cameras, studio and reporter lighting, tripods, Cambo camera set, plasma and recorder, stereoscopic image, virtual studio. LORI control room has graphic stations dedicated to video and 3D image processing, software Adobe, AUTODESK 3D Studio Max, Maya, Motion Builder, THE FOUNDRY NUKEX, Processing, MAX MSP, Pure DATA, object programming, UNITY 3D, UnrealEngine;

  • Ceramics studio with equipment for forming, glazing and firing ceramic materials and glass;

  • Design and art studios;
  • Lecture halls equipped with audio-visual presentation equipment;
  • 3 computer labs, including one dedicated to multimedia with high technical parameters;
  • Open Space with an area of 373.322 m2 for space and performative activities, which can also be used for research and multimedia production. It is equipped with 4 projectors and screens;
  • Photography Studio - meeting the requirements of traditional, analogue and digital technology projects;

  • Studio of Animation and Computer Games, equipped with hardware and software for classical and contemporary animations;

  • Sound Lab – equipped with 3 sets of audio-visual equipment;
  • Publishing house equipped with bookbinding, typographical equipment for traditional printing.


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