Visual Identity Design Studio

The studio curriculum focuses on the visualization of abstract concepts, graphic sign design and its applications. The issues addressed include functional and aesthetic use of the letter, conscious use of graphical means to express ideas, elements of composition and visual expression in a subject-specific context. The variety of issues are divided into three modules. The first includes the analysis of the subject and its context, the design of the graphic sign and the logo, the use of the logo in space with the possibility to transform the sign from two-dimensional into a three-dimensional object, as well as complete project documentation. The second module concerns the design of promotional and information materials, focusing on the effective transmission of information and typographic issues, as well as the preparation of publications for print. The third is a continuation of previously discussed issues, taking into account the functioning of visual identity elements in the public space (urban, exhibition space).
The studio curriculum involves cooperation with external entities (institutions, organizations, associations, companies), providing the opportunity to verify design skills in contact with the client and under specific conditions.

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