Visual Communication Design Studio

An optional studio for graduate students. The studio curriculum is based on many years of teachers’ experience in the subject and cooperation with external entities. The studio offers the possibility of making a diploma project in two areas:
̶ corporate identity design
̶ scientific illustration design.
The first possibility is for students who have had undergraduate-level experience with design. The expected result is the ability to design a comprehensive visual identity system.
The second area is an innovative and unique proposal in art education. Its goal is to provide students with the knowledge necessary to design for educational purposes and develop a comprehensive approach to visualization of scientific phenomena and processes. The result is the ability to represent objects and information in the form of textbook illustrations and educational charts. Diploma specialization in the field of scientific illustration opens the way for cooperation with entities such as publishers, scientific institutions and associations, educational institutions, hospitals, and other entities which have the need to explain information and processes through images.

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